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What's Your "Ideal" Office Space?


“One of the hottest topics in commercial office design today, the goal to create an open, collaborative and often highly creative work environment is setting the stage for a whole new mindset in office space design.” – Atlantic Business Chronicle
Many business owners are starting to join the conversation surrounding “ideal” office space design as they recognize the benefits of collaborative work space.  “Open” design is a broad concept that can range from describing shared office space (i.e. multiple people in one office setting or multiple companies in the same business suite) all the way to a warehouse office sans walls!  If your ideal office space is one centered around open design, but you do not have the budget to do so in your traditional office, why not consider renting from an executive suite where shared spaces are abundant?

Renting shared office space from an executive suite features a number of benefits that cannot be offered in traditional office space:

    • Fully Furnished –  Shared office space comes fully furnished, meaning your office can be up and running faster – and for less out of pocket expense.
    • No Long Term Lease–Shared office space rentals have flexible leases that range from two weeks to several years. There are no long-term commitments and the length of contract is determined by you.
    • Lower Cost – Shared office space comes fully equipped with telecommunications, WiFi, break rooms and more. In a traditional office setting, these services can run thousands of dollars per month.
    • Flexibility – With lease terms ranging from as little as two weeks to several years, your company has the ability to grow and expand by simply adding offices over the tenure of your lease. This can help ease the cost of unexpected growth or relocation.

However, it’s important to remember that there’s no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to designing your ideal office space.  Many business owners still see shared office space as nothing but a potential maze of cubicles and lack of privacy:

“The fact is, while many companies are trending toward more open design, for many companies their comfort zone falls somewhere in the middle between cubicles and collaborative. No matter what type of corporate office space you have, there is a true benefit to having both closed-door private spaces blended with open, creative collaborative spaces.” – Atlantic Business Chronicle

AdvantEdge recognizes this fact and is proud to offer a variety of customized office solutions throughout all three of our centers ranging from private business suites to co-working dedicated desk packages.  Our shared office space is a blend of the traditional with the new.  So whether you want to work in an open space around a diverse array of professionals, or would prefer a closed door office, we believe in customization when it comes to designing your ideal office space!

Written by Trey Jones

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