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Why Office Aesthetics Matter


office-aesthetics-photo-sized-for-blogThe Scenario: 

You walk into your shared office space on a Monday morning and you notice the peeling paint on the walls and stained carpets as you make your way through the labyrinth of offices. You head to the kitchen to make the first of many cups of coffee and while searching to find a clean mug to use, you accidentally stain your newly-pressed white shirt with drops of coffee that were left unattended by one of your colleagues. Among the many other problems that you already have to deal with, this isn’t a great start to the week. Disheartened by these series of unfortunate events, you drag your feet back to your office and sigh loudly when you finally reach your destination. Yet as you sit down to review the massive influx of emails regarding your company's financial statements, you hear a rather loud crack coming from your unsightly office chair.

Aesthetically Pleasing Workspace Leads to Happier Employees

Aesthetics are extremely significant to both morale and productivity within the workplace. Not only do employees already have a long checklist of things that they need to accomplish each day, but having to deal with faltering and nonfunctional office space simply adds more tasks to their lists. For instance, colors are one aspect that can impact the mood of an office environment. Red tends to make people feel more passionate about their work while yellow tends to make people feel happy. When planning the interior design of an office space, we create spaces that businesses want to work in with a focus on modern, professional aesthetics.

Functional Workspace Leads to More Productive Employees

The physical and structural layout of an office space is another aspect that is just as important. With multiple conference rooms, lounges, and shared spaces, our business centers provide a host of workspaces available to you anytime in addition to your private office. Here at AdvantEdge the design and décor serves to create functional workspaces that help your company work efficently while also providing polished fixtures that also impress your clients.

Professional Finishes Help Your Business Shine

Tacky furniture is also another misdemeanor just waiting to happen. Working in an office with worn furniture can be uninspiring. Talk about lack of professionalism. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to invite your (potential) client into your office to talk about serious issues and having to convince them to sit down in an outdated, uncomfortable chair? We know that maintaining professionalism is a key in the business world and we strive to help you put your best foot forward.

To recap, if you can relate to the scenario above, it is probably a good idea to find another office space that is conscious of workplace aesthetics. Here at AdvantEdge, we are attentive to design and we build our offices around your business. From choosing appropriate furniture to the physical and structural layout of our offices, we are always conscious of what our clients need and we work with you to make sure your workspace portrays your business in a positive light. Click the button below to learn more about our offices and schedule a tour at one of our three business centers in Washington, DC.

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Written by Elaine Huh

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