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Why Temporary Office Space Is Perfect for Your Business


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The next time you think about a workspace solution, consider a temporary office space. Typically, our minds go to either a permanent desk with a long-term inflexible lease or working from home. However, temporary office space at AdvantEdge Workspaces gives you the flexibility, room, and amenities you need, without the commitment. 

When to Consider Temporary Office Space 

Let’s say you work from home full-time, but have a busy season coming up and need to ditch at-home distractions. Maybe your current workload requires access to admin support services or meeting rooms. Or, perhaps your team is expanding rapidly and needs space without locking in a lease. There are countless reasons why a team or single person would consider temporary office space. Key indicators are feeling overwhelmed in your current situation or finding yourself longing for specific amenities on a daily basis. 

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Temporary office space allows you to assess what your long-term needs are while still being in a full-service and modern workspace. It relieves the pressure of figuring everything out. You get to focus on your work and simply show up to a fully furnished and set-up office space! 

Benefits of Temporary Office Space 

At AdvantEdge, you won’t be paying a high premium for temporary space- it is part of our DNA as a shared workspace. There are no minimum term lengths- stay for as long or as little as you need. 

Forget about showing up to an empty white box, needing to source furniture, and hook up WiFi. Here, a support staff member will ensure your technology links up with all existing systems. They will set you up with our communications tools, provide an overview of amenities, and ensure you feel at home from the moment you arrive. Although the spaces are temporary, every client receives the same level of attention and support- yet another bonus to this type of workspace solution. 

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Your office space may be short-term, but the benefits will be lasting. Stay productive, get on track, and thrive in a temporary workspace solution with AdvantEdge. Click below to contact us today and set up your space! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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