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Why You Shouldn't Join a Large Coworking Space


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It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of large workspaces. Sure, it may seem beneficial to be part of a community of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people in a huge building with desks as far as the eye can see. It’s natural to think big- with our business, goals, and dreams. But sometimes it is good to think small. Yes, you heard us right. Thinking small can actually help you with those big goals. A good place to start is with your workspace, where a smaller space can lead to a larger amount of support and help for your business!

1. A Community of Support

A small workspace environment is a community. Just like a neighborhood, you’ll get to know the people around you. You’ll run into people in the lounge or while you’re making your coffee. Workspace events help bring people together and promote relationships among clients. From March Madness bracket challenges to weekly Friday morning breakfasts, at AdvantEdge we constantly work to build community in our spaces. Our clients use our space as an opportunity to form new friendships, network, and to combat the isolation that sometimes comes with being a small business.

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AdvantEdge Chevy Chase clients enjoy our annual holiday party!

2. Personalized services

Tired of the workspace's brand being promoted, and not yours? Your workspace should never overshadow your business. Smaller workspaces are less likely to promote their own brand and instead focus on providing individualized services for their clients. Choose a space with personalized phone answering, administrative services and on-site meeting rooms. But most importantly, make sure your space can grow with you. At AdvantEdge, we offer a wide variety of office and meeting room spaces. We adapt as your needs change.

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3. Dunbar’s Number

Dunbar, who? British anthropologist Robin Dunbar came up with this concept while studying the correlation between brain size and social group size. He concluded that the average human cannot maintain more than 150 meaningful social relationships. This number reflects our brains reaching their cognitive limit. Smaller coworking spaces ensure that you will not be lost amongst a group of people. At AdvantEdge, our client service coordinators know and develop relationships with our clients. We believe that personal connections only further the service we can provide!

When choosing a shared workspace, make sure the size is a good fit for you. There are many benefits of going small- to see them first hand, click here and schedule a tour today!


Written by Juliana Levinson

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