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Why You Need To Celebrate March Madness in the Workspace



March Madness is officially here, with the tournament kicking off today! The NCAA College Basketball season culminates with weeks of exhilarating games, intriguing match-ups, and lots of competition, both on and off the court. In March, it can be impossible to escape the madness! People are talking about their brackets, repping their teams, and most importantly, watching a ton of basketball. This college tournament dazzles and entertains the masses, and is not to be missed as an opportunity for celebration in the workspace. Here are five ways you can rally your team and enjoy March Madness together! 

1. Brackets & Bets


It is not too late to fill out brackets for a workspace challenge! Post everyone’s sheet in a common area and track who had the most correct guesses. While monetary betting may not be ideal in the office, bet with fake cash that can be redeemed for specific awards, such as a day off or lunch from your favorite establishment. 

2. Trivia Time 

If you have lots of die-hard basketball fans on your team, trivia is a fun activity to incorporate into your workday. Send out a question each morning, hide clues in emails, or sit down for a happy hour trivia session. Award fun prizes for winners, such as game tickets or gear from their favorite team.

3. Viewing Zone 


Embracing the (March) madness is essential the workspace. Productivity can potentially slow down, and there are more distractions this time of year. Rather than pushing back, embrace the season and provide an avenue for people to take breaks! Create a viewing area in a conference room, empty office, or lounge area. Set up a T.V. and festive snacks so people can congregate comfortably and socialize. 

4. Team Tuesdays 

Each Tuesday, relax the dress code and allow employees to come in spotting their favorite team or basketball-themed looks. It is fun to see a personal side to coworkers. Plus, these spirit days give everyone an opportunity to express some creativity this season. 

5. Party On

Workplace events boost morale and keep employees happy. Spice up March (which has a tendency to drag while we eagerly await warm weather to come) than with some March Madness events! For each round, plan a themed lunch break. Not only will your team be unable to resist free food, but they will also have a chance to get up and socialize too!


There are two approaches to this season: either you fight it, or you embrace it and allow everyone to come together over basketball! For three weeks, there are opportunities to meet new people, take a break during a hectic workday, and enjoy yourself in your workspace.

Want to get in on the madness? AdvantEdge Workspaces loves participating in this season with festive events and even some friendly hoops competitions. Get your spot in the workspace tournament today by clicking the link below: 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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