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Why You Need to Reserve a Meeting Room Space



We'll admit it- working remotely is challenging, and we find ourselves missing the ritual of going into the office every day. At this point, everyone could use a change of scenery! On-demand meeting rooms aren’t just for large in-person conferences, they can be a respite for you during these times, and the solution to work from home fatigue. Read on for why you need to book a space today:

1. Flexible Options

meeting-room-lounge-space-dcA meeting room space at the AdvantEdge Workspaces Chevy Chase location 

No two meeting rooms are alike. Yes, some have the traditional large conference room table, but others may have high tables, a small desk-like space, comfy seating, huge monitors, or projector screens. Whatever your work needs are, they can be met by a meeting room space. Some things to consider when securing a space are the projects you'll be working on, if video conferencing or other tech is needed, and what type of seating and configuration is best. Based on that, you’ll find a meeting room that works for you, and can then book hourly and even set up a recurring date for weekly (or more) time away from home.

2. Many Purposes

By now you know that meeting room spaces aren't just for conferences. The tech in meeting room spaces can be beneficial if you are working on a project and need a big screen, multiple monitors, or AV to test things out. It’s also a collaborative space. Large rooms allow social distancing to happen while still being able to meet up and work together in person. You can also use a meeting room if your at-home workspace is too small to accommodate the work you need to do.

Of course, you can use a meeting room to hop on a call or give a presentation. We recommend scheduling as many meetings as possible into one day where you can come in and tackle all your calls while having a private spot.

3. Peace and Quiet

meeting-room-space-dcAhhh… the sound of…. Nothing. A perk of meeting room space is being able to shut the door, and with it, the outside world. Concentrate on a big project without any distractions. Take a call without the worry of any household interruptions. Meet with your team and be able to see everyone on a big screen. A meeting room can become your work sanctuary, providing peace when you need it the most.


4. Serviced Space

Beyond your experience inside the meeting room space, consider what other amenities are offered along with reserving the room. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, you enter in a first-class workspace community with a reception and lounge areas. You can even skip the Starbucks line with complimentary coffee and tea! Client services coordinators are on hand to help with tech issues, should they arise, answer any questions, and make your time in the space comfortable.

On-demand meeting room space is the solution that you, and every worker who's been diligently staying at home, need. Although we may still not be back in offices fulltime, you can get a change of scenery and enjoy office amenities. Book your meeting room today!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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