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Why You Need to Start a Podcast for Your Business



Who doesn’t listen to podcasts these days? You can find a series for any interest, from classic movies to bird watching. While podcasts are often seen as a hobby, they can serve a crucial role in building up your brand and business. Podcasts, like any other marketing channel, help you reach unique audiences. Plus, they are fun to make! With a new recording studio at AdvantEdge Workspaces Chevy Chase, it’s never been easier to get going. Here’s why you need to start a podcast today:


1. It’s easy to get started! First, brainstorm topics and ideas for your podcast. What is the theme? Will there be guests? How will the episodes be structured? Then, create an outline to make the recording process flow smoothly. Equipment-wise, all you need is a laptop, a microphone, and some editing software. At AdvantEdge, our podcast room is comfortable yet professional, can accommodate multiple guests/hosts, and comes equipped with everything you could need- just bring a laptop!

2. You can build your network and expand your audience through a podcast. Think of a podcast the same way you would a blog or social media. It is an extension of who you and your business are. Make sure your podcast is cohesive to your existing brand image, from the tone of the episodes to intro songs and cover art. You can also use this platform to raise your profile in your industry and city. Strategically promote your podcast with other local businesses, have relevant guests on, and create social media pages dedicated to it. If your concept is unique and makes sense for your personal and professional brands, with the right marketing you will have no problem building a following.

3. Connect with partners and colleagues. Through guest co-hosts and conducting interviews, you’ll be able to make new relationships with others in your field. Asking someone to appear on your podcast is not only flattering but a great intro to people who you may not have crossed paths with or reached out to otherwise. Another perk of sharing your mic with others- people will share episodes that they are featured on, which increases the reach of your podcast.

4. Be able to communicate differently with your podcast. Much of what we share about ourselves and our businesses is done in short snippets on social media. A podcast enables you to share long-form stories without the need to sacrifice content or quality for the sake of aesthetics. You’ll be able to show new sides to your business while expanding on streaming platforms where people can discover your work.

Ready to hit the record button? Contact AdvantEdge below to see how we can help you get started with your podcast today!


Written by Juliana Levinson

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