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Why You Need To Try Coworking



If you love the freelance or remote work life but are missing some of the perks of a traditional office environment, then a coworking desk is the perfect solution for you! With various options, configurations, and amenities to serve your needs, coworking is an attractive choice for many workers. Here is why you need to try this office space solution before the end of the year! 

1. Flexibility 

Temp-L Street- Proworking

Come in for one day or a month, with a dedicated desk or the ability to set up shop wherever. The space should work with your schedule, whether you need 9-5 hours or a quiet space to take a meeting for two hours. Flexibility is also the most economical option, allowing you to only pay for what you need. In a coworking space, no one monitors your hours- clock in and out whenever you like. 

2. Personalized Service 

Your workspace should never overshadow your business. Smaller workspaces are less likely to promote their own brand and instead focus on providing individualized services for their clients. Choose a space with personalized phone answering, administrative services and on-site meeting rooms. You do not need to be a client in a suite to receive five-star service tailor-made to your needs. 

Most importantly, make sure your space can grow with you. At AdvantEdge, we offer a wide variety of office and meeting room spaces. We adapt as your needs change, and growth is as simple as picking out another desk. 

3. Connections 


Like a neighborhood, you’ll get to know the people around you in a coworking space. You’ll run into people in the lounge or while you are making coffee. Workspace events help bring people together and promote relationships among clients. From March Madness bracket challenges to outdoor happy hours, at AdvantEdge we constantly work to build community in our spaces. Our clients use our space as an opportunity to form new friendships, network, and to combat the isolation that sometimes comes from working without a large team.

AdvantEdge Workspaces likes to refer to coworking solutions as “proworking” because they are just that- solutions designed to help you have a productive day… and maybe have some fun too. Click below to learn more about our plans! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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