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Why You Need to Try Pro-Working in 2020


Do your new years' resolutions involve leveling up your work life? Pro-working may just be the solution you need to have the best professional year yet. From upgrades to the physical space to a plethora of amenities, read below to see why you need to try this new take on coworking in the new year.

1. Upgrade Your Professional Life


Tired of sitting down in noisy coffee shops or having mail and client calls come to your personal number and address? It’s time to (mostly) ditch the work from home life and separate business from pleasure. Having a designated business mailing address, phone line, desk, and a reception area to receive guests is all part of what makes upgrading your professional life beneficial. Pro-working combines the benefits of a traditional work environment with the flexability of the remote lifestyle and the vibe of a stereotypical shared workspace community.

2. Hit Your Goals

With a supportive community and team of client service coordinators behind you, there is no reason to not hit all your goals in 2020! Go ahead, schedule that important meeting with a potential partner or client- you now have access to an array of professional spaces to host people in. Additionally, client service coordinators help take some of the pressure off with administrative tasks so you can focus on your business. It’s truly amazing how a schedule frees up when you don’t have to worry about meeting a mail delivery, running out of office supplies, cleaning your home to get ready for professional visitors, or managing calls.

You can also think about limitless growth. Should you outgrow a pro-working space, at AdvantEdge there are many different office solutions to switch to, ranging from private rooms to suites. No matter what you aspire to accomplish this year, pro-working can help you get there!

3. Find Community

70909539_2491729247515049_2538844641424310272_oWorking alone or remote has many perks, such as flexibility and time freedom, but those who fly solo during the workday will tell you that loneliness is a major issue. Pro-working provides that community that many feel they've lost when leaving a traditional work environment. Happy hours, lunch and learns, holiday parties and random client appreciation events (think omelet bars or desk-side afternoon snack service) make it easy to mingle and network with others. Being a member of the pro-working community allows for fun interaction with like-minded professionals through lounge and work areas, while still maintaining a business-focused space.

There’s no better time than the present to start your pro-working journey! Click below to learn more:

Contact us about our pro-working plans

Written by Juliana Levinson

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