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Why You Should Be the Next Virtual Edge Talks Speaker



Edge Talks is an AdvantEdge Workspaces lunch and learn series. It features leaders and experts in the D.C. area presenting on topics ranging from personal development to growing small businesses. This series is a way for the AdvantEdge community to grow together and learn valuable information from experts across diverse fields. So what does it take to be an Edge Talk speaker? Well, they are just like you- small business owners and entrepreneurs! To lead an Edge Talk, you need an area of expertise and the desire to help others through imparting what you know. Read on for why you should be the next (virtual) Edge Talks speaker:

1. Share your knowledge! Whether you’re skilled in digital marketing or full of productivity hacks, there is a place for everyone with Edge Talks. Your talk doesn’t need to be directly related to your profession- if you’re passionate and well-versed in something, we want to hear from you! Past Edge Talk topics include "Peak Performance Mindset" and "Turning Customers Into Raving Fans."

2. Being an Edge Talks speaker helps you grow your personal network. While the series will remain virtual for now, you can still connect with like-minded individuals over Zoom. The AdvantEdge Workspaces community is full of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups. The talk presents an opportunity to market yourself, your business, and to connect with people in a variety of fields.

3. Don’t be worried about messing up! AdvantEdge is a supportive and inviting community. If you’ve been thinking about developing a presentation or speaking series for a while, Edge Talks is the perfect place to test it out and build up your confidence.

4. Edge Talks enable you to make an impact in the AdvantEdge, and great D.C. community. If you like to uplift small businesses with helpful information and empower others, you’ll be right at home in this virtual speaker series. Take your expertise and use it to help others transform their businesses, personal lives, and work ethic.

Are you ready to be the next Edge Talks speaker? Email david@advantedgebc.com to take the plunge and sign up, or to receive more information on the speaker process.

Written by Juliana Levinson

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