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Why You Should Want to Return to Your Workspace



AdvantEdge Workspaces is excited to have welcomed back non-essential businesses into the office this past week! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen people walk through the doors, and it’s great to have the community together again. Here’s what our clients are looking forward to the most upon returning to their workspaces:

It’s no secret that the community at AdvantEdge is a reason why people enjoy coming to work each day. The ability to be able to catch up with an office neighbor and interact with people outside of the home is something we no longer take for granted. While social distancing and mask-wearing will be enforced, the number one thing clients are looking forward to is being back in their workspace community and catching up with colleagues-turned-friends.

advantedge-workspaces-staff-communityBehind our masks, AdvantEdge staff is smiling because we are happy to have everyone back!

Those who are part of a larger team are excited to be back with their work families. What’s great about a shared workspace like AdvantEdge is that each company can have a private office or even an entire suite to themselves. We make it easy to reunite with your work family, especially during these times. It’s your space, so you can rearrange it to be social distancing friendly or add in different furniture or dividers. With autonomy over personal office space, it is easy to come back safely with your colleagues.

Being an AdvantEdge client has many perks- one of which is access to workout classes. Clients (and staff!) have missed feeling zen during yoga or sweating off bagel Fridays with a boot camp class. Although in-person classes have not yet resumed, our favorite instructors have continued to teach virtual classes. Feel free to use your personal workspace to exercise during the day, and we will all look forward to getting fit together again soon!

yoga-office-fit-wellnessFeel free to take time to work out in your office

While work won’t look exactly like it used to for a bit longer, it still feels good to be able to come back into the workspace if you want. Social gatherings and networking events are still on hold, but in the meantime enjoy the AdvantEdge community while having a quiet, professional, and safe space to work in all day.

What are you looking forward to the most about being back at work? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Juliana Levinson

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