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Work on Your Side Hustle in a Shared Workspace



Today, it is not uncommon to hear of adults with full-time employment doing freelance work or other jobs on the side. “Side hustle” refers to any additional income streams that one has. For many Americans, especially millennials, bringing in an additional paycheck is almost the norm. Fortune.com writes that about half of the adults in the United States under 35 report having a side hustle. These can range from dog walking or driving for Uber as part of the gig economy, to consulting or digital work and everything in between.

Side hustles can take serious time, and often develop into jobs that may require a more professional setting. Whether you are looking to take your extra income stream full-time, or simply want to get out of a coffee shop or your living room, a shared workspace can be a helpful solution.

1. The Right Space On Your Terms

Extra streams of income are often flexible in terms of hours and duration, so your office space should be the same way! A shared workspace with flexible lease terms allows you to work when it’s right for you. Coworking is the most common office space solution for people with side hustles. Book a dedicated desk for as little as a few hours or have a reserved spot for a month- no matter what you choose you’ll have a clean, professional, and quiet space to work in.


If your side hustle requires meetings or a certain degree of privacy, consider renting a private office. These spaces can be yours for a day, a week, or even a year! A dedicated room is the best solution for those who are often on the phone, need to spread out, or are handling confidential projects or information.

Whatever you chose, AdvantEdge Workspaces works with you to ensure the space accommodates all your needs. With a variety of office spaces, should you need a different option, you can stay within the community while making a switch. Regardless of if you are at a coworking desk or in a private office, you’ll gain access to lounge spaces, meeting rooms, and call booths- additional amenities that only increase the versatility of the workspace.

2. Community of Support


Side hustles can feel lonely. One is often a freelancer or contractor and has limited contact with clients or businesses. When you support others without technically being a part of the team, you can miss out on office amenities and community. As a shared workspace client, you join a community of like-minded professionals from a variety of fields. From happy hours to wellness initiatives to making morning coffee, there are always new ways to meets others and get connected.

The support doesn’t just happen between clients, it starts at the top with the workspace staff. Here to assist with any admin tasks, such as call forwarding and mail reception, Client Services Coordinators at AdvantEdge provide the services that make work life easier.

3. Convenience


Utilizing a shared workspace for your side hustle boils down to one word: convenience. Time is money, and having space where you can sit back and focus without distractions at home is essential to hitting deadlines and being productive. Bring yourself, your laptop, and work for however long your need. A side hustle can be anything from a passion project to a necessary additional income stream. No matter your purpose, you have a place at AdvantEdge Workspaces, with a community behind you eager to help you reach your fullest potential.


Written by Juliana Levinson

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