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5 Workplace Resolutions for the New Year



For some, New Year’s resolutions are a chance to turn over a new leaf, while others see it as a pointless exercise in making promises that will be broken come February. This year, let’s vow to make practical and meaningful resolutions that can be kept. When the clock strikes midnight on the 1st, we don’t magically change who we are. Big resolutions will not change anything, so focus on making smaller, targeted New Year’s goals that can actually be implemented. 

A good place to start? At work, where you probably spend the majority of your days. The new year is a time to reboot yourself at the office, so check out these five easy and sustainable resolutions to add to your list. 

1. Make the most of office tools

Spending all day on a computer at your desk can make it hard to keep up personal, non-work related resolutions. We easily give up on them for the same reason we don’t do a lot of things in life: there isn’t enough time. However, you can use tools already on your work computer to keep up other goals. Excel has a function for tracking weight loss and food consumption or for keeping your budget on track. Check out these free spreadsheet templates for inspiration!

Or, use a word processing system to jot down random thoughts, inspirational sayings or ideas. By using features already found on your computer, it is easier to keep track of personal resolutions, rather than leaving tracking or writing in a separate journal tasks to complete at home, when all you really want to do is watch Netflix.

2. Vow to take a break


Whether it’s an hour-long lunch break or five minutes in between meetings, taking time for yourself is a resolution everyone needs. It’s easy to just keep going all day long without taking time to pause. This year, focus on doing something that doesn’t involve work every day. Chat with a friend, journal, meditate or go for a walk around the block. Having time to refocus during the day is essential to being a productive and successful employee.

3. Expand your network

The new year is a great time to expand your professional contacts. You never know what a connection might lead to! Send thoughtful notes to people you have met or (depending on the size of your office) someone from another department who you’ve been meaning to grab coffee with. If large groups are more your style, join a networking group or make an effort to attend more events, like happy hours or fundraisers. Everyone enters the new year refreshed from the holiday, so take advantage and make some new connections! 

4. Keep it fresh

Now is the perfect time to refresh yourself professionally. Start with updating a resume and LinkedIn profile. With all the new networking you may be doing, you never know when someone may ask for a resume. It’s important to add any new positions, skills or projects to your profiles.
resume.jpgAlso, make a resolution to keep things fresh in your current position. Assess what you love about the job, what you want to change and improvements to be made. Write it all down as a guide for the new year. See how you can take these comments and put them into action. This practice will help you feel refreshed at work- especially if there are significant changes you want to make. 

5. Learn a new skill

Stop ignoring those emails and Facebook events advertising classes for professionals! It is never too late to learn something new. Tackling a new skill can increase your value in the workplace, take your position to the next level or help in switching careers/finding a new job. Sign up for a coding seminar, get Excel and PowerPoint certified, learn Adobe Creative Suite- the options are endless! Even if the skill doesn’t directly apply to your job, it is bound to be helpful for future roles or projects.

The most important resolutions are the ones you can keep. Take these suggestions and mold them into what works best for you and your work situation! If you’ve been feeling stuck in your job, the new year is the best time to work to implement some of these resolutions that can help restore happiness at work.

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, our serviced workspaces make it easy to focus on your resolutions. Our clients enjoy a comfortable workspace, events and a strong sense of community. Visit us at advantedgebc.com to see how our spaces work for you!

Written by Juliana Levinson

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