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Will Yoga Make You Better at Your Job?


At AdvantEdge, we remind our community members that their personal health should be a priority and we work to promote healthy workplaces at our office and the home office! The true key to your success is yourself; taking care of your mind and body can be the crucial foundation for fruitful work life. You can implement a post-work yoga routine or even add twenty minutes of exercise and mindfulness to your lunch break. However you fit personal care into your schedule, yoga can bring about many benefits to help us be more productive and efficient in the workplace.

  • Yoga Improves Focus and Higher Thinking: By focusing on your posture and breath, yoga calms the mind and body and pushes away distractions. This allows you to improve your focus and mental awareness, leading to higher performance and a greater ability to absorb and remember new information.

  • Yoga Reduces Stress and Anxiety: For many people, yoga is a reliable way to reduce tension. We store a lot of tension in our hips and shoulders, practicing yoga releases this physical stress and creates a sense of calm in the body similar to the effects of a hug or a massage. Yoga is also a form of meditation that encourages mindfulness and helps you practice focusing on the present moment, curbing anxiety, and providing a boost to your self-esteem.

  • Yoga Gives You Energy: While practicing yoga, endorphins are being released within your body, and the blood flow to your brain increases. Even though yoga can be physically rigorous, you actually end up more energized by the time you are finished with your session.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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