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Your Guide To a Successful Coworking Experience



Now more than ever, coworking provides an opportunity for you to get out of the house and safely spend part of your workday in a different setting. Whether you’ve utilized coworking spaces in the past or are completely new to the set-up, here is a guide to successful coworking during COVID-19: 

1. Reserve A Spot 

Transitioning to coworking is easy, you just have to find the right spot. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we offer various coworking options, from a dedicated desk to hourly rentals, in our two centrally located DC offices. Make coworking your permanent workspace solution, or head in for a few hours each week. While it may seem hard to leave the comfort of your home, coworking provides an easy way to try out a new work environment that may just be the solution to your productivity and work needs. You get a taste of office life without the commitment of a fully private space or suite. 

At AdvantEdge, your safety is our top priority. All spaces are routinely cleaned throughout the day and at night. Mask wearing is enforced, social distancing measures are in place, and touchpoints (like faucets) are replaced with contactless alternatives. We want you to enjoy the space without making any concessions around personal health and safety. 

2. Come Prepared


In these unique times, we suggest you come to your coworking space more prepared than usual. Try to eat a meal ahead of time to limit the amount of time you have your mask off (or sit outside to eat on a nice day). Pack whatever will help you feel the most comfortable. Bring extra masks, a personal water bottle, utensils, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and anything else that will help you feel extra safe throughout the day. 

Don’t forget your regular work tools! Bring all the necessary chargers for your laptop and phone or any other electronic devices. Pack your notebooks, headphones, and any other preferred essentials, such a specific types of pens or a lap blanket. Your space can always help you in a pinch, but packing personal items will help you feel at home at your coworking desk.

3. Plan Your Day 

Make the most of your time in the coworking space by planning your day/week around the visit. Think about what tasks will be most beneficial to accomplish outside of your home, such as heavy reading or planning a project. Schedule important calls on days where you will be in the coworking space so that you are able to book a meeting room. Arranging your day ahead of time will ensure that you can fully enjoy the benefits of coworking, and can save lighter workload days for home. 

4. Have A Productive Day 

Coworking can help you have a more productive workday. With a personal desk to sit at, you are free from distractions or temptations that can derail your day. Being around like-minded professionals again can also be motivating when it comes to getting things done.


Utilize coworking space amenities to help you throughout your day. Take advantage of the printing center to organize physical copies of documents. Book meeting room hours to take that big conference call in a professional and high tech space. If you have a meeting downtown, book hours beforehand at the AdvantEdge L Street location so you can prepare ahead of time. For small business tasks such a needing a document notarized, the staff is on hand to help out. 

Coworking may be a way to get out of your home office, but it is also a valuable long-term workspace solution. Enjoy the amenities of a large office space without the cost. Click below to learn more about flexible coworking at AdvantEdge Workspaces! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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