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Your Guide to Staying Productive During the Workday



With all the distractions that come with working from home, we all could use a lift in our productivity levels. What worked for us in the office may not translate well to a home environment, where access to certain comforts and being surrounded by roommates, a partner, or family, can all aid in losing focus. We’ve created this guide of top productivity articles and tips from the AdvantEdge blog to help you stay concentrated from 9-5.

1. Start the day with a work-from-home morning routine. Without the rush of a commute, you can sleep in and be a bit more leisurely. Try a morning workout now that you don’t need to brave locker rooms and pack business clothes. Take a long hot shower, focus more on a skincare routine, make a breakfast that consists of more than a granola bar, and savor coffee while reading the news. Whatever small practices make you happy will set a positive tone for your entire day.

2. Use technology to your benefit! At home, you can put your phone, tablet, or other screens to good use. Yes, sometimes we need to leave our devices in another room to avoid temptation, but these productivity apps can actually help you get more done during the day!


3. We'll go stir crazy faster by just sitting in one place for eight hours while we work. Any type of movement is good throughout the day, but during these trying times, other forms are especially helpful, such as breathwork, meditation, and yoga. Click here to see how a yoga practice can set you up to be more productive!

4. Try a new productivity technique. The Pomodoro Method, which you can learn more about here, is an AdvantEdge favorite! In this method, you work on one task until it is done, in 25-minute time blocks. After 25 minutes you take a short break, and then after four cycles (or about two hours), you take a longer break. Some other techniques to try are Zen to Done, which emphasizes 10 habits to improve your overall approach to work, or the Kanban method, which is good for people who are detail-orients and focuses on your to-do list and organizing tasks.

How To Use The Pomodoro Technique To Get Things Done

Now that you are ready to have the most productive week yet, you’ll want to make sure administrative tasks aren’t holding you back. If you’re still feeling like your business needs an extra boost after increasing your productivity, consider utilizing some of AdvantEdge’s virtual services! Our client service coordinators are still hard at work to ensure all of our client’s businesses are being supported and running smoothly during this time.

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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