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Your Logo and You


Author: Gabrielle Jones

Whether you take a Coke or Pepsi approach, your logo is the visual representation of your business and its values. It is imperative that it makes the right statement and evolves with your company. With large companies like Wendy’s recently taking the time to reexamine their logos, it’s probably time you did the same. To change or not to change …. regardless of what you ultimately determine is the answer, here are some things to consider when reevaluating or creating a logo:What makes a good logo?

Be memorable- Above all an unforgettable logo is an effective one.

Simple is usually better- Always be concise, unless it’s more memorable to be complex.

Think multi-media- Today’s logos must be able to function in print, online, and on products in a variety of sizes.

When is it time to update your logo?

It’s Outdated- If it’s been more than ten years since your logo was designed, it’s most likely time for a little adjusting.

You’ve Changed- If your company has expanded, contracted, or changed the scope of what you do over the years, your logo should project that.

It can be streamlined- Once again simple is usually better, especially today when logos need to work across different media.

Remember changing your logo also changes the way people perceive your brand. Branding like business is fluid; and it’s important that your logo and your company are always on the same page. Updating or creating a  logo is not to be taken lightly, but these tips and a little brainstorming are a good place to start.

Written by Trey Jones

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