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Your Office, Your Way!



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At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’, each organization has unique challenges and strengths. It’s our job to help find a workspace and administrative support solution to meet the needs of each community member! When we say ‘Your office, your way’, we truly mean it! From mail service, to phone calls, to office size, to leasing terms, we will work with you to create a customized plan to help your organization grow and thrive!

Phones: Live reception is a foundational piece of our administrative service. AdvantEdge clients have the option to transfer their previous phone number into our system and create their own personalized greetings. Community members can also create specific call forwarding procedures based on the timing or nature of the call, which can be adjusted on short-term notice.

Mail: Some of our community members receive mail in their offices, some stop by daily or weekly to pick-up mail or check on their mailboxes, others ask us to scan or forward their mail to their homes. Whatever the client’s situation and preference may be, it’s our commitment to make their workday run as smoothly as possible with mail service that doesn’t miss a beat.

Leasing Terms: At AdvantEdge, we’re willing to offer lease agreements with monthly, six-month, annual or even multi-year terms. Each of our clients has direct access to company management, this open communication helps us find the right lease agreement terms for each circumstance.

Furniture: We have a large stock of furniture available at not extra cost for our community members. From desks, to chairs, to meeting tables, to file cabinets, we’ve got all of the equipment you will need to get right to work as soon as you move in! Moving can be a huge hassle, that’s why we give all of our new clients the option of having their offices fully furnished when they arrive.

Space: Life is unpredictable, so is business. A few months from now, you may be looking to hire a few more employees or you may realize you have more space than you need. Our community members have access to a variety of conference rooms and professional lounges, so there is always a place to meet or work in a pinch. Thanks to connections with AdvantEdge leadership, clients have the opportunity to make adjustments to their office space with a quick turnaround.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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